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Internet dialup access ISP Internet Access dialup dial-up cheap high-speed 5X toll-free technical support tech 24/7 56K v.90 v.92 nationwide family filter pop-up blocker

to Eagle's Lair & Web Services, Inc.

Thank you for choosing Eagle's Lair.

Eagle's Lair is your Web Hosting and Internet Access Solution. We offer high speed connections, 24/7 Technical Support, 99.5% Guaranteed uptime, account set up in just 10 minutes, and with packages starting at just $10.00 a month. You can see why we're a step above our competitors. We offer our clients many other industry leading tools to assure they are receiving the most for their money. Please read on to find out more...

High Speed Access - DSL and Dial Up

  • Standard Dial-up Access, Fast and Reliable Nationwide
    Surf the web and get to where you're going quicker. Each of our dial-up access locations offer 56K V.90 or V.92 access.

  • 5x High-Speed Dial-up Access with POP-Up Blocker
    At a fraction of the cost of broadband, our high-speed dial-up is 5 times faster than standard dial-up. And it includes an integrated pop-up blocker.

High-Speed DSL: With speeds ranging from 5 to 25 times that of the fastest analog modems, Eagle's Lair DSL enables businesses to fully participate in the exploding multimedia richness of the World Wide Web. Your Eagle's Lair DSL connection also has built-in scalability, which means your speed can grow as your business grows. Upgrading your Eagle's Lair DSL is as easy as calling us up. No expensive start-up or new equipment costs.

Fast OC3 Connections
Eagle's Lair utilizes direct fiber optic connections with Qwest Communications, Frontier GlobalCenter, and Genuity, a division of GTE. These tier 1 providers service such giants as Netscape®, Ebay®, Yahoo!, and USA TODAY! With these three carriers, our router has up to 150,000 possible routes to send each packet of data. Because each site will actually be on a backbone, our clients are provided with one of the fastest, most reliable connections available.  Our servers...

Uptime Guarantee
With our 99.5% uptime guarantee, and network monitoring and maintenance 24 hours a day. You can be sure that your site will have full exposure at all times to web users all over the world. More...

We offer our E-commerce clients three types of shopping cart software to choose from, Alacart Bronze, Alacart Silver, and Alacart Gold. All of our plans are offered to our clients at the lowest prices availible. Once you find the shopping cart software that is right for your online business needs, setup is quick and easy. Allow us to help save you money on your online business today. ORDER NOW

Switch Hosting Providers Today!
Are you are unhappy with your present hosting provider? Then transfer to Eagle's Lair. Transferring your site to our servers is easy! Just follow these simple steps...

Great Savings!

Compare our services and prices with other leading nationwide  ISPs

Watch out for their hidden charges and early termination fees!

We simply offer a great ISP service at a great price!

Less than half the $cost of AOL and Earthlink

Protect Your Family!

Our content Filtering solution will help protect your loved-ones from non family-friendly websites.

Unlike most Filtering options, our blocking technology can't be bypassed or disabled. All content is filtered and offensive sites are blocked!

$12.95 /mth. Standard Dialup
$14.95 /mth. High-Speed Dialup


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